The Malubog Lake in Barangay General Climaco is one of Toledo's not so secret destination, but the difficulty in getting to the place has shunned many who may want to visit, essentially making it a peaceful, tranquil, and a wonderful place to be refreshed. The Dam is designed to hold 15 million cubic meters of water, most of which is used in the operations of the copper mines of Atlas.
To provide livelihood to the farmers in the area, Atlas and the local government through the Department of Agriculture, filled the dam with milkfish, carp, and tilapia fry, which today is being harvested by many of the residents in the area. Ironically, Malubog Lake is not nature's work; in fact, many residents begrudge its existence. 

A tour in Malubog Lake is very cheap, at 2,500 per trip, while a ride to the lake take only P20 by Jeepney, one way. There is a trip to Barangay General Climaco every hour.  It seems that accessibility is really not a problem, but the difficult ride has become an obstacle for many to enjoy the wonder of Malubog Lake.

Through Special arrangement, lunch can be prepared on board the Malubog Lake Cruiser with grilled Tilapia freshly caught in the lake. Or,should one choose, he can do the catching himself and have his catch cooked by the locals.

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