The Ranch Resort was conceived as a rejuvenation for friends and families who came for weekends to heal themselves of the weariness from city life stress. At the Ranch, they enjoyed the uncluttered purity of rural life, generous hospitality and the locals, the healing verdant green of carefully nurtured crops and fruits, and the sun-kissed honey from bees. 

The Ranch Resort has swimming pools, Arabian horses for trail ride, aviaries for bird conservation endeavors, a bee-farm, and an organic garden under the lush mango orchard.

The Ranch Resort is 58 Kms from Cebu City Westward. Set on a 7-hectare property It has 12 air-conditioned rooms with en suite bathroom, and windows that overlook fruit and vegetables plantation. As you explore the resort, breathe in the fresh country air while leisurely walking around the garden and mango orchard. 

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